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Academic Overview

Pre-primary section (Play-Kg)

  • Teaching through entertainment.
  • Class reading to be completed in class.
  • System of basic and moral education.

Primary Section (Class-IV)

  • Spelling correction and handwriting beautification.
  • Develop the habit of reading comprehension, not memorization.
  • Special emphasis on English.
  • Special supervision of Arabic education.
  • To teach ethics and develop the habit of practice.

Junior Section (Class VI-VIII)

  • Giving homework with necessary instructions.
  • Enabling students to master learning without tutoring.
  • Giving homework with necessary instructions.
  • Creating the ability to understand rather than memorize, to provide lively and enjoyable teaching instead of boring monotony.
  • Teaching Basic Course of Computer.

Secondary Section (Class IX-XI)

  • Completion of the course as per the syllabus prescribed by the Board of Education.
  • Making students suitable for the SSC examination through various tests.
  • Close supervision of students with adequate lab facilities.


Subject Duration Total Day
Basi Class 1 Jan - 15 Jan 10 Days
1st Semester 16 Jan - 11 Apr  57 Days
2nd Semester 7 May - 31 July 49 Days
Annual 29 Aug- 29 Nov 59 Days



Examination Duration Total Day
1st Semester Exam 30 Mar - 13 Apr 12 Days
2nd Semester Exam 17- 31 Aug 12 Days
Annual Exam 24 Nov - 13 Dec 14 Days