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Why Light Fair School

Light Fair School was established in 2007. Our mission is to build up enlightened, curious and knowledgeable individuals, who will be able to take the challenges of our modern day.Our aim is to create enlighten human being through shaping bright career by educating students in modern & moral learning. Keeping this noble aim, Light Fair School started its journey in 2007, from the beginning of the journey, the institution is committed in maintaining educational environment & standard of education. In this regard, we have ensured will –decorated class room, hygienic environment cordial consortium among teachers free copy & syllabus have been formulated. Besides education, co-curriculum activates are given equal importance in manifestation and development of mind. In pragmatising of these aims, a group of higher educated, skilled, trained & enthusiastic teachers has been amassed.Light Fair School has built a reputation as a pioneer in education in Bangladesh being one of the first local private schools.


  • To ensure moral and spiritual development with science-based knowledge.
  • To make the students competent for worldwide competition.
  • To conduct all types of educational activities as per our academic calendar.
  • To teach the students according to weekly and monthly lesson plan.
  • Special monitoring class (SMC) for the weaker students.
  • Conducting the classes in pre-primary section by only female teachers with their motherly affection.
  • Nursing the students closely with the help of Guide Teacher.
  • Arrangement of spoken English and computer learning.
  • Giving special importance on practicing good handwriting.
  • Keeping close relation with the parents to solve the individual problems of a child.
  • Learning of Alphabet and other necessary lessons with phonetic sound through computer.
  • Nicely decorated colorful classroom.
  • Beautifully adorned the activity room for recreational and extra educational purpose.
  • Teaching Qur’an correctly for the Muslim students.
  • All time electricity supply.
  • Controlled by CC Camera.
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Contact For Addmision

  • Shahjadpur Campus
    Shahjadpur Campus
    Name:Zahidul Islam
    Mobile: 01966-667711
  • Nurerchala Campus
    Nurerchala Campus
    Name:Tawfiqul Islam
    Mobile: 01966-667722
  • Vatara Campus
    Vatara Campus
    Name:Zaman Ahmed
    Mobile: 01966-667733
  • Sayed Nagar Campus
    Sayed Nagar Campus
    Name:Md.Habibullah Masum
    Mobile: 01966-667744
  • English Version, Shahjadpur
    English Version, Shahjadpur
    Name:Andalib Ul Jannat
    Mobile: 01966-667720