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Fees & Charges

Light Fair School charges a single monthly tuition fee. At the time of admission, we charge an Admission Fee and session fee as well.
Light Fair School offers flexibility for parents in both the payment structure and payment mode for its Admission and session fees. In addition, stationery and others books must be purchased through the school for an additional fee, which varies from class to class.
For more information about our fees, payment structures and payment modes, please contact our Admissions Office at 01966667711-22-33.

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Contact For Addmision

  • Shahjadpur Campus
    Shahjadpur Campus
    Name:Zahidul Islam
    Mobile: 01966-667711
  • Nurerchala Campus
    Nurerchala Campus
    Name:Tawfiqul Islam
    Mobile: 01966-667722
  • Vatara Campus
    Vatara Campus
    Name:Zaman Ahmed
    Mobile: 01966-667733
  • Sayed Nagar Campus
    Sayed Nagar Campus
    Name:Md.Habibullah Masum
    Mobile: 01966-667744
  • English Version, Shahjadpur
    English Version, Shahjadpur
    Name:Andalib Ul Jannat
    Mobile: 01966-667720